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Introduction » EXTRA BLADES DISCOUNT » ANDRO - blade Kinetic Supreme OFF+


ANDRO - blade Kinetic Supreme OFF+





normal price: 36.0 €

our price: 27.0 €

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Product no.: 204
Manufacturer: ANDRO
Select handle Shape :

Speed: 94

Control: 94

Hardness: 97

Strategy: OFF+

andro Kinetic Supreme OFF+ is more than just an extension of the successful Kinetic Supreme blade line. Far from it! andro Kinetic Supreme OFF+ is a killer blade! The plywood composition consisting of Ayous and Koto veneers has been developed hand in hand with Christian Süss (German Single Champion 2010) and fulfills the requirements of modern offensive actors. A slightly thicker centre ply has the function of a gas pedal and offers enough power reserves to speed up the game whenever the player wants to. Positioned around the core we can find two notedly thinner outer plies that serve best possible feeling. In passive situations they absorb speed and make it easy to play well controlled and precisely positioned blocks.