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Introduction » RUBBERS » Andro rubber ROXON 330


Andro rubber ROXON 330




our price: 27.2 EU (705.9 Kč)

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Product no.: 046
Manufacturer: ANDRO
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ROXON 330 impressively exposes that the characteristics soft and fast are not contradictions. The established ROXON surface with its extraordinary rubber compound (stabilised caoutchouc tissue) combined with a soft sponge, pointing up the dynamic factor to a new limit. You will immediately recognise the result: An unprecedented precision on all strikes. A more upward flight path, an excellent sound as well as a detailed feeling of the ball are the main ROXON 330 features, leading to a fine control for every player. More power in active play and coincidentally more authority in passive play! This characterises ROXON 330 as a rubber that makes winning for player of all categories easier.

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