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Introduction » EXTRA RUBBER DISCOUNT » Andro rubber ROXON 450


Andro rubber ROXON 450





normal price: 30.0 EU (750.0 Kč)

our price: 27.0 EU (675.0 Kč)

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Product no.: 534
Manufacturer: ANDRO
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The demand for the material is growing with the playing level. With his balanced technical skills the player of the ROXON 450 is able to ideally control this rubber‘ s power and dynamic. The athlete benefits from the reduced rubber weight of the ROXON 450 by faster and more precise arm movements. The stabilisation in the molecular caoutchouc layer results in a high abrasion
resistance - long endurance and a shiny surface are the impressive evidence. The rebound effect will inspire all former speed-gluing players also during non-centred hits. The secret lies in the rubber mixture, not in the glue!
for ambitious players of all playing levels!