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Introduction » RUBBERS » Donic Coppa Speed HS


Donic Coppa Speed HS




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Product no.: 218
Manufacturer: Donic
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Intensify that Arc
developed by DONIC Made in Japan
Technically gifted players stress the importance of playing with a taut and grippy top surface rubber that will produce maximum spin for their serve/return game. This results in a higher flight of the ball when top-spinning. DONIC Coppa Speed is the ideal rubber for fast attacking players who also wish to impart a variety of spin. In addition, this is a long lasting rubber. DONIC Coppa Speed MS is a taut top surface Japanese rubber which is extremely spinny and fast. In comparison to its harder version, Coppa Speed Hard Sponge, the MS rubber is easier to control. One's feeling for the point of contact is intensified, enabling one to achieve a higher arc of the ball when top-spinning.