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Introduction » BLADES » Donic blade Ovtcharov Soft Carbon V1


Donic blade Ovtcharov Soft Carbon V1




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Product no.: 121
Manufacturer: Donic
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Based on the best-selling Ovtcharov Senso V1 and Waldner Senso Carbon blades, DONIC have now designed a carbon blade which has a relatively soft feeling on contact with the ball.
Well thought out and carefully processed: The walnut outer veneers provide the required speed and hardness for an attacking, offensive game. The medium hard Scandinavian pine middle veneer causes high tension within the blade resulting in supreme dynamic and power possibilities. However, perhaps what is most remarkable considering that this is a fast offensive blade, is its exceptional feeling and amazing ball control qualities.
Two thin carbon middle layers and the Abachi middle veneer completes this top quality blade that is in a class of its own.In combination with the Senso handle technology, a relatively soft carbon blade has been made with extremely good feeling - a model designed and then further enhanced on the basis of the best-selling Waldner Senso Carbon blade. Compared to the Waldner Senso Carbon, the new Ovtcharov Soft Carbon V1 is slightly more direct when hitting the ball which results in even more speed. However at the same time even when playing short balls or a passive game you won?t miss out on control.
DONIC Ovtcharov Soft Carbon V1 - Offence with feeling.

Approx. weight: 90 gr. Layer: 5+2 Elasticity: speed elastic

Control 8 -
Speed 8