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Introduction » RUBBERS » FRIENDSHIP - 729 Cream transcend


FRIENDSHIP - 729 Cream transcend




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ONE SHEET of RITC Friendship 729 CREAM Pips-In Table Tennis/Ping Pong Rubber with Sponge. Spinney soft surface combined with Transcend sponge, this table tennis rubber has great touch and added power of energy storing Transcend sponge.

High speed inverted rubber
Super touch
Transcend Sponge
Fast spinning
Quick attack and Loop
For initializing attack



Speed: 110
Spin: 110
Control: 110
Deception: 0
Hardness: 45-47 deg

Importer's Notes: Great rubber for execution of the short game while still maintaining the ability to serve and attack aggressively. Rubber is moderately tacky with a beautiful texture. Transcend is lighter and faster than traditional Chinese sponges. Sponge stores energy to release into the ball, while most sponges allow energy to dissipate.