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Introduction » EXTRA RUBBER DISCOUNT » Goldway - rubber 968 Stinger


Goldway - rubber 968 Stinger





normal price: 15.0 EU (390.0 Kč)

our price: 9.0 EU (234.0 Kč)

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Product no.: 47
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  • Powerful attack rubber
  • Good transition from push to attack
  • Tremendous mechanical spin
  • Build in "TRU TENSION" glue effect
  • ITTF/USATT and CTTA approved

    Speed: 90
    Spin: 95
    Control: 95
    Sponge:38 degree special pink
    Ultra light 2.0mm under 38grams cut weight +-3.

    Staff Notes: Gold Way 968 Stinger is designed for attack and counter style of play. New generation of high elastic sponge is applied to the top sheet under tension. Thin supple top sheet for easy opening top spin attack. Benefits of tension on the sponge are increased spin, more touch on that all important soft opening loop. Tru Tension does not adversely effect the short game like traditionally tensioned rubbers. NO SPEED GLUE NEEDED