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LION - rubber CLAW





normal price: 14.9 EU (387.4 Kč)

our price: 9.5 EU (247.0 Kč)

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Product no.: 4391
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with EZLASTIC - the combination of various chemical and physical theories which formulated this tremendous long pimple rubber for the new era of table tennis. The new EZLASTIC technology gives the Claw rubber pimples to be wobbled and reduce the actual contact between the ball and rubber when opponent loops the ball to you.

Not only those, EZLASTIC can make the pimple to absorb the fore-coming energy of the ball to its maximum and turns it to the force of momentum to return the ball to your opponent without changing the spin direction of the ball.
Additional product details
Speed: 56
Control: 77
Spin: 99
Characteristics: Defensiv
Rubber-Type: Long Pimples
Rubber-Hardness: Soft