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Introduction » EXTRA RUBBER DISCOUNT » LKT/KTL - rubber Pro XP


LKT/KTL - rubber Pro XP





normal price: 15.0 EU (375.0 Kč)

our price: 8.0 EU (200.0 Kč)

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Product no.: 156
Manufacturer: LKT
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Next generation of rubber formulation. - Superior mechanical grip. - Thin top sheet with unique under pip structure. - Fitted for mid distance loop and counter drive attack .- Special XP sponge designed to enhance performance. - Rubber weight is very light. PRO XP is a great choice for players who want the ability to perform effectively off the table. This is not a typical Chinese rubber; the top sheet is supple and very thin. PRO XP has an extremely elastic under pip structure that will allow the rubber ample time to load spin prior to release.