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Introduction » RUBBERS » MILKY WAY - rubber PLUTO






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Yinhe Pluto 9043 Medium Pimples

Pluto (Pluto), in Roman mythology is the god of the land, mysterious magic. Galactic optimisation product particle structure, a new mysterious rubber formula, more damaging turn traditional Pluto raw rubber raw rubber. Fast, strong rotation and the ball sinking, made it difficult for competitors to adapt. Galaxy Pluto raw rubber sets of glue, is the speed and rotation of the organic integration, combined with the raw rubber materials and by high elastic properties, suitable for quick player, but also the dead weapons of rubber particles play.

Pluto is a medium pips rubber that uses optimal structure and a new rubber formula to make it more effective and deadlier than a traditional pimple-out rubber. It's fast, produces heavy spin and flat trajectories making it difficult to the opponents to adapt.

  • Speed : 7.0
  • Spin : 6.0
  • Control : 8.5
  • Type : Medium Pimple-out
  • Sponge: 1.5mm/ox no sponge
  • Hardness: about 38
  • fast attack
  • Made in China and original packing