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Introduction » RUBBERS » SPINLORD - rubber Marder IV


SPINLORD - rubber Marder IV




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Our newest version of SpinLord Marder combines the unchanged Marder top-sheet with a completely new developed medium-hard sponge.
This sponge offers much more speed and built-in speed-gluing effect then previously used sponges. Marder IV is a truly powerful offensive rubber ! 
But in addition the Marder top-sheet gives this rubber more control and spin then you usually can expect from such a fast rubber. Marder IV is a deadly weapon for all players seeking the speed of German rubbers and the spin of tacky Chinese rubbers.
Marder IV is not ''factory-tuned'' which enables it to be also very durable.
So if you ask yourself ''Is another version of Marder really necessary?'', go on and try it, you will easily feel the extreme difference to previous versions.
SpinLord Marder IV is truly the future of table-tennis!
Speed: 11.5 Spin: 10 Control: 7.5