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Introduction » EXTRA RUBBER DISCOUNT » TIBHAR - rubber Grip-S Europe


TIBHAR - rubber Grip-S Europe




normal price: 41.0 EU

our price: 19.2 EU

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Product no.: 2204
Manufacturer: Tibhar
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Grip-S Europe was developed in combination with Vladimir Samsonov and adapted to his personal requirements in order to produce a high-performance rubber. The rubber convinces by its high catapult effect and compared to the regular Grip-S, Grip-S Europe confers more dynamic and speed. Under extreme strokes the ball contact onto the stable and adhering rubber surface is unequalled and opens even in almost desperate situations, absolute new possibilities. We have integrated the revolutionary RPS-Sponge-Technology into Grip-S Europe, thus enabling the energy transfer to have an absolute optimal effect on the speed of the ball rebounce and on the ball trajectory. With this rubber you are best equipped for a variety-rich serve and return game.