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Introduction » BLADES » TSP - blade Black Balsa 7,0


TSP - blade Black Balsa 7,0




normal price: 49.9 EU (1,247.5 Kč)

our price: 41.0 EU (1,025.0 Kč)

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Product no.: 1050
Manufacturer: TSP
Select handle Shape :
  • Weight, appr.80g
  • Material100% Holz
  • StrategyOFF
  • Weight, appr.80g
  • Speed100
  • Control87
  • Rigidity96
  • The high-end OFF blade! The TSP Balsa 7.0 is the perfect material for any power attacker. The 7.0 mm thick Balsa core produces all the power and speed you need for your attacks, without neglecting control and reliability. playstyle: OFF
    synthetic fibre: Balsa
    wooden ply: 5
    weight: ca. 80g
    handle: FL | AN | ST
    speed: 99 | control: 87