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Introduction » EXTRA DISCOUNT ON BLADES » VICTAS - blade Quartet VFC


VICTAS - blade Quartet VFC





normal price: 130.0 €

our price: 82.0 €

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Product no.: 213
Manufacturer: VICTAS
Select handle Shape :
ers : 5+4
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.4
In the development of Quartet VFC, the VICTAS material experts aimed at designing the perfect offensive blade. With V-Carbon, one of the hardest and toughest fibres in the world, Quartet VFC features enormous power and stability for ultimate precision even in the most difficult situations This precision is perfectly complemented by the elasticity and spin potential of the outer Fleece Carbon layer. Enjoy unrivalled precision in passive playing situations and unlimited offensive creativity with the new Quartet VFC. All VICTAS blades featuring DSE technology are based on 5 carefully selected wood veneers combined with 2 high-tech fibre materials. In all VICTAS blades, the first synthetic fibre layer is applied directly on the core ply, which guarantees highly stable bouncing and produces great speed. The outer Fleece Carbon layer generates extra speed and great feel thanks to the slightly softer fibre texture. The Double Synergy Effect of the two synthetic fibre materials and the well-balanced wooden plies guarantees magnificent feel at high speed.