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Xiom rubber Sigma 1 Europe



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normal price: 39.00 EU

our price: 21.00 EU

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Product no.: 193
Manufacturer: XIOM
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SPEED : 14.2
SPIN : 12.1
HARDNESS(SPONGE) : 47.5 degree

Sigma 1 - Euro: Super charged rubber-top sheet combined with light-weight "black carbo"sponge, the Sigma 1 Euro is the perfect choice for the advanced looper seeking to perform at maximum intensity and efficiency. New Rubber, just launched in Fall of 2011.

The New SIGMA SERIES XIOM rubber takes “hypo-elasto” technology to a new level. Manufactured to perfection, the rubber top-sheet is designed to produce maximum ball capture and speed production without jeopardizing control. Underneath this exquisite top-sheet is Xiom’s own Black CARBO sponge which is designed to harness ball speed and spin, giving extra-advantage to top-sheet rubber dynamics. As a new series rubber, the Sigma 1 pro responds more precisely than ever the user’s tactics and intentions.

Sigma Series:

Built-in tension of Sigma series is designed Internal Mechanical Boost (IBM) technique in within hypo-elasto production process. Sigma rubbers bring out the best in advanced XIOM rubber manufacturing technology for the benefit of the advancing player. Sigma Rubber advances beyond the average speed glue effect and the booster effect made by uncomfortable and illegal liquid gluing