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BUTTERFLY - rubber Tenergy 80 fx



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We can inform you already: TENERGY 80-FX ist softer – but not made for “softies”! It is a great choice for every player who seeks to combine the dynamic TENERGY 80, the latest addition to TENERGY family, with the flexibility of a softer sponge.

Combining the speed of TENERGY 64 and world-famous spin of TENERGY 05, TENERGY 80 offers the perfect choice to players looking for a powerful offensive play close to the table as well as from mid distance.
Furthermore it is a great choice for counter spin rallies thanks to the good rotation which can be felt particularly on Topspin shots with long trajectory.

The 4° softer FX version of SPRING SPONGE offers an excellent touch and high control in service and return game.

Class: Super Speed Surface: Inverted
Speed: 13.5 Spin: 11.25 Density: 32