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Product no.: 2818
Manufacturer: AIR
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UP4 Pro is a very unusual long pips rubber because of its unique conception. The top of the pips are rough, but faster than normal long pips. Against light spin balls they can significantly produce their own spin like regular short pips but against heavy spin they are able to reverse the spin and give the traditional long pips effect. The control is excellent for a long pips rubber and the ball will almost never pop up against loops or chops. The tackiness of the pips provides excellent behavior at the expense of spin reversal so traditional long pips shots can be done easily. These effects have their origins from "GREEN" and "Negatron" technologies. "GREEN" technology used on AIR rubbers offers softer feeling, to give the rubber impressive power, bounce and rebound. "Negatron" technology is the latest for non-elastic requirements and most players actually prefer sponge like this. The "negatron" technology offers the most control and incredible feeling.