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I have used it for 3 years now and was one of the first in the world to use it. Very grippy and fast LP I play with 1mm sponge ( Tensor ) Most players find it too hard to control, I say practise more. Excellent for off the tbale chopping and over the table hitting. Only good and short pushes. Last for ever. Will only give super spin reversal after about 2 or 3 incoming loops but on a balsa blade ( DR N Combi effect ) balls stay very low and skidy. Can chop block and can counter hit over the table better than excellent but you have to of a high level to enjoy this rubber. No good for beginners and if you try it you will need to practice lots then it is magic. I trainer against worlds number 91 Oct last year, she loved it attacking ability she uses P1. I have tried 15 LP over the last 3 years end up back with Guillotine S. It is great!!!!