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Introduction » RUBBERS » ANDRO - rubber RASANTER R48





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Product no.: 4219
Manufacturer: ANDRO
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RASANTER R48 is the second rubber after R53 with ENERGY CELL TECHNOLOGY.
In this new 48 ° sponge version it has what it takes to be an absolute top seller.

  • Your game is loaded with spin and speed.

  • You force the point by your powerful, persistent topspin game.

  • Break with conventions, use the strengths of the ENERGY CELL technology:
    more power and quality in your strokes, high dynamics and longer ball contact feel.

  • The ENERGY CELL sponge with its highly elastic cell structure ensures an extremely dynamic energy transfer for all topspin variations.

  • Team up with the 48 ° sponge and its above-average optimal sweet spot.

  • The R rubber surface for maximum rotation gains additional impact by the ENERGY CELL sponge.