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our price 36.0 EU (936.0 Kč)
our price 86.0 EU (2,236.0 Kč)
our price 36.0 EU (936.0 Kč)
our price 185.0 EU (4,810.0 Kč)
our price 50.0 EU (1,300.0 Kč)


our price 59.4 EU (1,544.4 Kč)
our price 9.2 EU (239.2 Kč)
our price 10.6 EU (275.6 Kč)
our price 135.0 EU (3,510.0 Kč)
our price 43.5 EU (1,129.7 Kč)

How to buy & pay

Free shipping on orders over 130€ is valid only for the states of the European Union.Free shipping on orders over 130 € is valid only for the states of the European Union.

- choose the products in our shop

With us you can pay with two methods:

- Secure payment by Credit card  

  Only for cards issued in the EU/European economic area.

Advantages of card Payment:The customer is entitled to a refund from the payment gateway operator if he or she does not receive his order or the order is damaged.The 1% card payment fee is for the payment gateway and card issuer./

- advance payment to the euro bank transfer- SEPA/EURO SECURE PAYMENT INTERNETBANKING

- Euro Bank transfers in the European Union are now very safe and the customer has the right to have the payment refunded if the order is a problem.

- Cash on delivery - This option applies only to the Z-POINT PP packpage service /Poland,Hungaria,Slovakia,Romania/

- Delivery offer and price:

1.  PACKETA PICK UP POINT packpage service for only Poland,Hungaria,Slovakia,Romania - 4,50€

2.  Delivery by courier  home - 11€

3.  Delivery to the parcel point - 7,5€

4.  Delivery by classic post service home - 7,5€

5.  Personal takeover /Osobní převzetí na prodejně - 0€/0kč

6.  Free shipping on orders over 130€ is valid only for the states of the EU.

Most blades come in a choice of handle shapes.

(Please note: changes in location of woods used for blades, although from the same type of tree, may result in slight variations in playing characteristics from time to time between different blades of the same model. Tees Sport cannot be held responsible for such variations.)



Terms of Service

Catalogue, products

All the products in our catalogue have illustration, description, specification and price. We try to provide our customers with as much relevant and accurate information as possible and guarantee that the ordered items will match the description and are in perfect condition, otherwise we will replace non-conforming product.

How to place an order?

To place an order you need to:

  • Choose the product you are willing to purchase and add it to basket
  • Go to your basket and proceed to checkout by filling in all the required information



We ship items within 24 hours of receipt and confirmation, from our warehouse in Czech republik, via Mail.

  • 2- 7 business days ,the delivery time depends on the choice of the transport company.

Returns follows the industry standard with a 15-day, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund, exchange, or store credit (within 15 days from the date of your invoice, as long as the product is in its original unused condition). This is not valid for specially produced or ordered products like rackets assembled according according to your instructions.

Credit for shipping costs will only be given provided that the order was an error of

  • Blades must have the paper box and cannot have any glue on the surface or scrapes.
  • Rubbers must be sealed in original package.
  • Shoes must be in brand new condition. You can use the same box your shoes were shipped in to return them. Please do not place any shipping labels or tape on the manufacturer shoe box.
  • Clothing items must be returned unworn and unwashed with the original tags still attached.
  • Bags, Accessories must be returned unused and with their original package and labels.
  • Special Offer items are non returnable.

We encourage our customers to be attentive while placing orders. In case of returning products please contact customer support service first of all.



Internet banking - Classic SEPA/EURO bank transfer between banks in Europe. - feed from 0,75€

Bank transfers in the European Union are now very safe and the customer has the right to have the payment refunded if the order is a problem.

If you need help with your bank transfer, please contact us.

Why don't we use the Pay Pal payment gateway with us?

Our product prices are lower than most similar trades.Pay pal has high fees for card payments.

These fees are destroying profits.We don't support Pay pal's managers, we want better product prices for our customers.