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Carriage possibility
Payment possibility
Delivery description

Classic transport through a Post office company. Delivery time is different in each country. 4-10 days.

7.5 €
Delivery description

 If there is a shipments point  in your city, we will send you an order there.Delivery times are different for each country 3-8working days.For this shipping option, please send us the address of the picking point.

7.5 €
Delivery description

Delivery time 3-5days. Quality service. The driver usually calls in advance.

11.0 €
Delivery description

Delivery after Brexit  to England.Free shipping from 200€.

11.8 €
Delivery description

Special inexpensive shipping network.Csomagküldő.hu,Coletă,,Zásilkovny SK.
Type the name and address of the parcel point in the notepad.


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+2.0 €
Credit cards
Payment description

Secure International Payment Gateway .This payment gateway only accepts cards issued for EU/EHA Countries.

The 1.2% card payment fee is for the payment gateway and card issuer.

+1 %
We offer two payment options for your order.You can pay with a clasic euro bank transfer or via credit card.