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BUTTERFLY - Harimoto Innerforce ZLC




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Product no.: 4193
Manufacturer: BUTTERFLY
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Blade BUTTERFLY 2020
Japan's Superstar Tomokazu Harimoto lends his name and professional expertise to a whole new family of high-class Butterfly blades.
The Harimoto ALC with its ALC-typical spin touch already enjoys popularity among fans and players alike, its precision and versatility have been praised and valued.
Since 2020, we are proud to present two new additions to the family: The Harimoto ZLC and Super-ZLC offer additional punch and power. Both make use of the Innerforce-Layer Technology, which places the harder special fibers closer to the core, adding dwell time and aiding touch in topspin-based play.

Much like the popular INNERFORCE LAYER ZLC, the new HARIMOTO INNERFORCE ZLC features a superb balance between stability and a softer touch with increased ball dwell time compared to other ZLC blades. This blade is well suited for powerful, modern offensive table tennis and offers versatile options to score.