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Introduction » RUBBERS » Butterfly - rubber Tenergy 64


Butterfly - rubber Tenergy 64




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Product no.: 065
Manufacturer: BUTTERFLY
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SPRING SPONGE is a totally new sponge created by BUTTERFLY, being
very different to existing rubbers.
The most notable feature is a sense of being able to hold the ball on the
racket; this has been made possible by the innovative composition of the
material used, which produces a spring loaded effect when contact is made
with the ball. The result is that a player can control spin, speed and direction
as required; the sponge will make you feel you are in total control.
TENERGY 64 is the fast attacking rubber of the
TENERGY family; no.64 is the development code of
the pimples used in producing this reversed rubber.
The pimples have a thinner diameter than the pimples
of TENERGY 05; they provide a softer feeling and more
control on the ball, especially effective from mid
BUTTERFLY High Tension technology has enabled
this fast dynamic rubber to be produced by utilizing the
innovative SPRING SPONGE.

Speed 9.75
Spin 8.5
Control 8.25

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