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Introduction » RUBBERS » Dr. Neubauer rubber Pistol


Dr. Neubauer rubber Pistol





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Product no.: 1096
Manufacturer: DR.Neubauer
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PISTOL: The ultra dynamic offensive weapon

Thanks to a new productiontechnique, PISTOL is much faster and powerful thantraditional short pimpled rubbers, even without the use of speed glue.

This short pimpled rubberproduces a game with unbelievable dynamics and extremely fast attackingshots, especially for straight hitting and fast looping.

You can reach an enormousamount of speed with a short and fast stroke.

Moreover the rubberproduces a decisive disturbing effect since the ball is very flat and “falls down” while blocking or hitting.

PISTOL also facilitateslifting, producing enough rotation to attack effectively on choppedballs or counter-attacks in order to prepare the decisive shot.

With PISTOL you can hitvery hard on chopped balls and even on slow topspins, it even enablesfast counter-spinning over the table against topspin.

Despite its extreme speedPISTOL also offers an astonishing control that provides an optimalfeeling at all times for both passive and aggressive strokes.

DR NEUBAUER PISTOL: Thehighly dynamic weapon for unconditional attacking with short pimples,paired with excellent control

Availablewith the following sponge thickness choice: 1.0, 1.6 and 2.0mm


Colours: Red Black
Sponge: 1.0 - 1.6 - 2.0mm