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Introduction » RUBBERS » SPIN LORD - rubber WYVERN






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Product no.: 3993
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Speed: 11.5
Control: 9
Spin: 10
Colors: red + black
Sponges: ox / 1,5 / 1,8 mm
Type of rubber: Short pips
Made in: : China
Sponge hardness (our rating): 43-45
Sponge color:: blue

The SpinLord Wyvern is a new short pimple-out rubber, that is not thought to be a totally new rubber, but an improved version of the SpinLord Waran.

To achieve this goal the pimples of the Wyvern have exactly the same dimensions as those of the Waran. So they are very short, have a conical shape and ribbed pimple tops. The rubber compound of the Wyvern is quite different though, it has more grip then the rubber compound of the Waran. We can give you the hint that we used the rubber compound of the long pimple-out rubber Strahlkraft for this rubber.

The sponge of the Wyvern is the same High-Tech sponge that has been recently newly developed for the pimple-inn rubber Ozelot. That means that the sponge is medium-hard, very fast and includes a strong built-in speed-gluing effect. In total the Wyvern is a little bit faster then the Waran (at least in 2,0 mm - in 1,5 mm it is slower because the speed of this rubber is generated almost only by the sponge). It can create more spin and is more versatile to play then any other short pimple-out rubber. The control values of the Wyvern are very high, and it is also a very reliable rubber that is easy to master. The Wyvern has been developed for and with a new generation of professional players, who use a short pimple-out rubber both for attacking and defending. These players can use the Wyvern for chopping like a long pimple-out rubber but can also play powerful counter-attacks with it when needed.