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Introduction » RUBBERS » SPINLORD - rubber SANDWIN






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SpinLord Sandwind can be rated as a new kind of half-Anti. It can be played almost like a tacky inverted rubber, enabling very flat undercut balls and even topspins, but in addition it can deactivate with ease the spin applied by your opponent.
The speed of this rubber is very similar to that of SpinLord Marder, so Sandwind is a defensive rubber with enough speed  to also attack some balls. Actually the sponge of Sandwind is even the same one as that of Marder. That also means it is a slow sponge, but no dampening sponge. As a result Sandwind is slightly faster in comparison with most other Anti rubbers.
The top-sheet is much more elastic then usual, but it has been sanded to reduce the friction. Sandwind can´t be compared with frictionless Antis at all, it is a rubber for players who are having problems with their backhand and are looking for a solution that enables them to easily return every ball.
SpinLord Sandwind is ideal for weaker players, better players with a poor backhand and also for penholder players who only play with their backhand in emergency situations.

Speed: 5.5 Spin: 6 Control: 10