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STIGA - blade Inspira CCF





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Product no.: 4560
Manufacturer: Stiga
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Collection STIGA 2021
A fast, stable blade that gives you control over your returns
Inspira CCF is a carbon fibre blade that combines the speed and stability offered by carbon fibre with the superior control offered by wood. This offensive table tennis blade consists of 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon fibre, commonly known as a 5+2-ply blade. The blade is designed with CCF (Close Core Fibre) technology, which means that the carbon fibre layer sits directly on top of the wood core. The result is more control and speed in your game. This technology offers some great advantages in the return serve through extended ball contact and improved feeling, which can be crucial in challenging situations. The carbon fibre used in Inspira CCF is made in Germany, a country renowned for its manufacture of fibre composite materials. An advanced technique with high temperatures is used to convert the raw carbon fibre into a graphite-like material that is extra strong and rigid, which results in more speed and a larger sweetspot. The outer veneer in koto has undergone a unique surface treatment which, together with the CCF technology, gives you increased dwell time.