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Introduction » RUBBERS » STIGA - rubber DNA Dragon Grip 55


STIGA - rubber DNA Dragon Grip 55




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Product no.: 4517
Manufacturer: Stiga
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Collection STIGA 2021
DNA Dragon Grip - a sticky rubber for maximum control
The sticky surface of the rubber on DNA Dragon Grip gives you an exceptional grip and a high level of control, both during serves and returns. The superb grip enables powerful spin and high arcs, which means that you can put maximum pressure on your opponent and get even more out of the game. The rubber is manufactured in Germany with the new C-Touch Tensor technology. This advanced sponge technology has been developed with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and feedback from top players. By analysing data digitally, we have been able to identify important properties in the material, which was previously only possible by analysing thousands of different rubber samples. The result of the data analyses is a rubber with unique properties and an extra hard, 55-degree sponge. The feeling and immediate feedback offered by the rubber through its characteristic sound will help you to find the perfect sweet spot for your strokes. Unlike other sticky rubbers, DNA Dragon Grip has a newly glued feel thanks to C-Touch Tensor technology. A rubber for players who seek control and spin, and want to take charge of the game.

Spin: 97
Speed: 105
Control: 73
Hardness: hard