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Introduction » RUBBERS » STIGA - rubber DNA PRO S


STIGA - rubber DNA PRO S




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Product no.: 4102
Manufacturer: Stiga

The DNA series is STIGA's first table tennis rubber manufactured in Germany.
These table tennis rubbers are designed for a wide range of table tennis players and playing styles, from young talents who are starting to play with their first customised bat to professional players who only settle for the very best.
We have developed and designed DNA Pro in collaboration with Swedish and Chinese national team members to create a rubber that is optimal for the modern, offensive playing style. A table tennis rubber for those who play with great power and enjoy attacking - a high performance rubber that delivers results.
ESC (Enlarged Sponge Cells) technology means that the sponge has larger pores that provide a catapult effect, and thereby a higher arc in topspin rallies. It also means that the contact between the blade and the rubber is reinforced, thus providing a better feel and a crisp, clear sound when hitting the ball. The hard sponge is designed for those seeking the very best.
This rubber provides the power and speed required to complete rallies in a quick and efficient way. DNA Pro has a unique pimple geometry developed to suit the aggressive playing style of the new generations, with a focus on power and spin. The rubber is also optimised for the ABS ball, and thanks to the combination of natural and synthetic rubber, it is considerably more durable than previous generations of table tennis rubbers.

Table tennis rubber made in Germany, for those who play with great power.

A fast and powerful rubber for offensive play.

ESC technology offers a higher arc in topspin rallies.

The combination of natural and synthetic rubber increases the durability of the rubber.

Orange coloured sponge with transparent surface rubber optimised for the ABS ball.

Used by Truls Möregardh and Ioannis Sgouropoulos.

Sponge hardness 50 degrees provides power and speed for fast, efficient strokes.