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Introduction » RUBBERS » STIGA - rubber Mantra Sound


STIGA - rubber Mantra Sound




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Product no.: 5612
Manufacturer: Stiga
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Mantra Sound - the clear choice when you prioritize speed! This rubber has a sponge hardness of 42 degrees for exceptional feel and control in every shot. The special combination of natural and synthetic rubber provides long life and durability. In addition, the Mantra Sound emits a crisp, clear sound when you hit the ball.
Thanks to OCS technology, you also get a rubber that provides more speed in even, stable strokes. It’s also very lightweight and therefore easy to play. Designed in Sweden and manufactured in Japan. Choose Mantra Sound today to increase your speed and develop your game!

Spin: 99
Speed: 102
Control: 76
Hardness: medium
Weight: 0.1 kg
Pcs: 1 pcs