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Introduction » RUBBERS » VICTAS - rubber VENTUS LIMBER






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Product no.: 4403
Manufacturer: VICTAS
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With its open-pore medium sponge, VENTUS Limber is the “golden mean” of the VENTUS series. Powerful mid-distance topspin attacks, dangerous spin loops or controlled close-to-the-table blocking – VENTUS Limber is a real multi-talent among offensive rubbers with well-balanced playing features. The 40° sponge of VENTUS Limber featuring the “Optimized Rotation Concept” provides for a longer ball contact time, and enables you to put your opponent under real pressure with dangerous spin variations and excellent control in blocking. VENTUS Limber is a fun-to-play, high-precision offensive rubber offering great value for money and unlimited room for creativity. Plus, it guarantees excellent control in all situations right from the start, which makes it the ideal choice for players with little time for training.