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Introduction » RUBBERS » XIOM - rubber VEGA CHINA






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Product no.: 1031
Manufacturer: XIOM
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Combination of sticky surface top sheet with extremely hard sponge has been a key weapon for China to dominate the modern table tennis world. But the uncomfortable truth is that unhealthy external chemicals like speed glue should be applied to balance out the proper elasticity from these hard rubbers. Since the banning of ITTF against these hazardous chemical aids since 2008, boosters have been introduced. Boosters contain lower level of chemicals but are still hazardous. Boosters are not only illegal in ITTF but also extremely impractical to use. Applying and drying take a far longer time as much as a few days. Boosters also often increases the thickness of rubber over the rule of 4mm. Solution is New Technology. World-renowned TENSOR BIOS technology softens the hard rubber without illegal external substances to reach the proper elasticity in hard rubber. TENSOR BIOS already incorporated the full internal elasticity inside of this rubber from the production, so called "built-in tension".